Thursday, June 30, 2011

My future son-in-law?

Remember Preston from his newbie shoot three months ago??  It's amazing how quickly they grow up... gaining personality and attitude :)  After three outfit changes and a couple of full diapers, we were able to get a few giggles... by asking him if he wanted me to be his mother-in-law someday!  I love gaining friendships out of photo shoots... and the awesome photos are obviously a nice perk, too :)    ~MPC    

Monday, June 27, 2011

Allison & Kris tie the knot!

Congrats to a goooorgeous bride and her new hubby Kris!  These are Gavin's parents... the cutie I shot just a few weeks ago :)  This couple wouldn't let a little rain (and a LOT of humidity) spoil their wedded blissful nuptials this past weekend.  The bride rivaled a stunning '50s pin-up girl, and the groom had moves I have only seen by the Jabberwockies!  Cheers to many years of blissful marriage to the happy couple :)       ~MPC


Thursday, June 23, 2011

One for me, and one for.... me!

This handsome little devil is Landon.  We spent some time this week at the park feeding the duckies...  although I think Landon ate more of the crackers than the ducks did  :)  Mom specially bought super cute little sunglasses for his oh-so-adorable outfit... then promptly forgot them at home!  I think it's ok though.... I happen to prefer his big baby blues ;)   ~MPC

Friday, June 17, 2011

Brooke VS the Squirrel

So a few weeks ago I met with Brooke and her mom to take her one year photos... (first of all, ONE YEAR!?  Where'd the time go??)...  Secondly, Brooke is a crazy maniac now (in an adorable way of course)!  Running away from me and my camera, chasing squirrels (and almost catching them!), and playing little miss 'tude!  Anyway, she's adorable as ever, the camera loves her, and it's been so fun watching her grow through her first year! :)     ~MPC